Willow is family, friends, and love... in cyberspace

55 years and counting...

Information for Virtual Willow 2023 will be here if enough interest exists to have one.

The schedule for the August 8, 2020 virtual was:


Willow time Artist
11:00 AM Pastor Craig Miller Welcome
Pastor Chuck Wolbers Welcome
Stan Bartilson
Chris Vallillo
Jacquelin and the Clones
Jim Kanas
Pauline Craig Hello
12:00 PM Johnny Adams Ron Cooley
2 Peter Fraterdeus
3 Kevin Schiller
4 Randy Harvey
Bill Bartilson Hello
Pasture and church Video
Mary Smital Hello
1:00 PM TLG
2 The Jaybirds
3 Bill Lemos
4 The Shovel Heads
Stewart Schlafer Hello
2:00 PM Brad and Tory
2 Joe McNally
3 David Zerlin
4 Paul Levine
Karl and Lori Lawfer Hello
3:00 PM Bill Bartilson
2 Cesare Salad and a Spicy Crouton
3 Dan Nolan
4 The Little Birds
Tony Hello
4:00 PM Willow Community Choir



We’re all here to visit, have fun, and play music.

Schedule of Events:


11:00 A.M. – ~5:00 P.M. CDT – Open stage performances all day.