Willow is cow patties, bugs, heat, and love.

What Willow Camping means:

The ‘campground’ where we spend our time is actually a cow pasture the other 362 days a year.   love_hate_relationship

To stay in this pasture, as you might expect, there are some rules that we ask you to follow when deciding to camp for the weekend.

Camping rules and regulations

Camping is on Private Land and is a privilege extended to those who participate in the activities on the Church Grounds.  PLEASE don’t climb the barbed wire fences!

Cost to Camp:  

     Please pay $20 per person in your party (children 8 and under are free).  Make checks payable to Willow Folk Festival.  This will entitle you to being placed in the Camping Book and you can have your choice of camping locations (either pasture) and entrance to the Church Grounds for both days.

    If you have an additional person coming that will be sharing your tent but is not on the Camp Book, they may camp with you for the cost of $25.  If you have a person that was registered but couldn’t come, and have brought another person in their place, that person will not have to pay an additional fee.  Anyone not preregistered and requiring an additional tent will have to camp in the East Pasture for a cost of $25 per person.

Necessary Requirements:

Pre-register and pre-pay with complete name, address and telephone number.  Do the same for each person you register on your slip.  You will be notified by phone if your application is denied.  Your registration forms will be at the camp gates if there is any questions.

Please – one car per campsite

Room in the camp grounds is very limited so if you could please only keep one car at your camp site it will allow many more people to camp.  You are welcome to take additional cars to your campsite to unload your equipment but then please move them to the off street parking on the West side of the pasture.

Camp Grounds Gates Open:

Friday:  12:00 noon to 10:00 pm

Saturday: 7:00 am to 10:00 pm

Sunday:  7:00 am

Gates will be closed at 10:00pm. At that time only registered campers should be on the grounds.