Willow is family, friends, music, and love.

Willow will take place on August 14 and 15, 2021

54th Willow:
We would like to welcome all of you to the 54th Willow Folk Festival on August 14th and 15th 2021! We are counting the Virtual Willow that Bill Bartilson did for us last year as the 53rd Willow even though we didn’t use the church or the pasture. Otherwise it just gets too confusing!

Important information – PLEASE READ!

This year is also obviously going to be a little different from other years due to Covid. Basically it will be up to each person to decide if they are comfortable coming – knowing that there will be masked people, non-masked people, vaccinated people and non-vaccinated people. A lot of restrictions have been lifted but only you know what makes you feel safe. We are working on a plan for the kitchen/basement situation but have no firm plan yet. I am including some of the information from the 2019 letter because it was new that year and isn’t part of your (and our!) routine yet.

Camp Ground

Remember that we have added 2 new gates for easy Emergency Vehicle access and departure and there will be Emergency instructions posted on the gates. Please make sure that the people at the gates know that there is an issue so that they can help direct the emergency vehicles.

We have never marked off camp sites and we are not going to start doing that now either but we are going to mark a “fire lane” in the pasture. All campers, cars, and fire pits will need to be out of this fire lane so that there will be room for an emergency vehicle to get where it needs to be. All our campers have always been very accommodating so that there is room for everyone and we really appreciate that. Thanks for being cooperative so everyone will be safe!

Another problem that we have run into the last couple years also involves all of the Large Campers that we have had in the pasture. We have been going down the road and getting people registered and stickers on the cars so that when the pasture gates open, everyone can go in right away. Turns out that, because of the large campers, it is hard for everyone to jockey around everyone else to get the campers in position for camping. It is a problem that we are trying to figure out and will probably involve each camper going in and getting situated before the next one can come in. Anyone with tents shouldn’t have any problems.




Willow is a thing onto itself. Yes, you’re camping in the middle of a cow pasture, in one of the hottest months of the summer, in a valley. You might get sunburned. You might get rained on. Most likely? You’ll get both. Why, then, do we continue to come back? Because we love it, for reasons indescribable, and we always will.

Keep up with the fun, and keep in touch with everyone year ’round!

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