Willow is family, friends, music, and love.

Willow 2020 is now Virtual Willow 2020

 Links to view the live stream will be found at:

https://willowfolkfestival.com/virtual-willow/ in the morning of Saturday August 8th, and likely not before.  The stream should start at 11AM Willow time, Noon EDT, and will continue until we run out of material to stream.  The original schedule was intended to be 8 hours of music and greetings, but we do not have enough material to sustain playback for that long.  Unfortunately, the window has closed for submissions to perform.

The virtual Willow festival will also be recorded and you will be able to view the stream after it has aired, so you will not miss anything if you are unable to view it live.

T-shirts may now be ordered at: 


If you like, you should be able to order a T-shirt through Friday, August 14, 2020.  Place your order soon so you do not miss the deadline!

If you would like to support Willow Church, or any of the various charities the festival normally funds, or back the goal of a virtual festival, please make a check out to Willow Folk Festival and mail it to Pauline Craig, 10645 S Dixon Rd., Mt Carroll, Illinois, 61053 and we will make good use of it!


Willow is a thing onto itself. Yes, you’re camping in the middle of a cow pasture, in one of the hottest months of the summer, in a valley. You might get sunburned. You might get rained on. Most likely? You’ll get both. Why, then, do we continue to come back? Because we love it, for reasons indescribable, and we always will.

Keep up with the fun, and keep in touch with everyone year ’round!

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